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Announcing The New About Apscitu Mail Webpage

          July 8, 2020

The About Apscitu Mail webpage has been completely rewritten and expanded, including a new webpage image. The new webpage, including the image -- a figure showing the route an email takes -- is the clearest explanation available of how email works, including with encryption. As such, it is also listed under Email Technology on the Apscitu Mail website.

The new About Apscitu Mail webpage also explains more specifically what Apscitu Mail offers you and why it is the best email service for you.

Coronavirus, can of spam, snake oil salesman, Chicken Little, fear of own shadow.

Coronavirus and Spam: The Fear Is Worse Than The Disease

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          March 23, 2020

What do Coronavirus and spam have in common? The effect of the exaggerated fear, the overreaction, does far more harm than the actual "disease".

People won't admit this, but they don't care how many people die of a disease, just how easy it is to catch or hard to avoid and what the death rate is if you do catch it. The 2019-20 U.S. flu season resulted in 24,000 deaths. The 2017-18 U.S. flu season resulted in 61,000 deaths. Even 24,000 is probably far more people than you've ever been within six feet of in your entire life. Nobody cares. That's because the flu is relatively easy to avoid and even if you do catch it, the death rate is only around 0.1% (0.06% for 2019-20 and 0.14% for 2017-18) and mostly among the old.

Sergey Brin, Google logo, Chief Blue Meanie.

Your Friends Get By (Google) With A Little Help From You

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          February 1, 2020

Recently I was doing business with a company that I discovered was unknowingly losing customers due to Google's spam filter. Like many businesses, and government and universities, the company used Google Mail (see Google: Invasion of the Email Snatchers). Gmail was automatically sending customers' emails to the spam folder, which they rarely if ever checked -- and Gmail spam is automatically deleted after 30 days -- or was rejecting customers' emails outright, without notifying the company (see Whitelists, Blacklists, and the Great Spam Filter Scam).

So the company was losing customers without even knowing it. Losing customers is literally money out of the company's pockets. This is every company's nightmare. They spend a small fortune on advertising (including to Google) and when it works, the acquired customers are ignored (by Google).

Ryan Kalember with Pinocchio nose and bike lock around his laptop, FAKE, Proofpoint logo, FCC seal, Email, 1st Amendment, Department of Commerce seal.

Proofpoint Investigation: Fraud and Government Email Tampering

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          January 10, 2020

The research for Net Neutrality: Who Controls the Communications of the Communications Controllers? led to further investigation of Proofpoint Inc., the IT incompetent email service provider for the IT incompetent Federal Communications Commission (FCC). It was discovered that Proofpoint is also the email service provider for the IT incompetent Department of Commerce (DOC) and that Proofpoint is illegally reading and blocking emails from people trying to contact both the FCC and the DOC based on Proofpoint's own arbitrary criteria, probably political or profit-seeking. Moreover, it was discovered that Proofpoint's Cybersecurity Executive Vice President (EVP), Ryan Kalember, is an IT incompetent fraud who has widely lied about his qualifications.

Susan Penfield, Q*bert.

No, The NSA Does Not Have Encryption-Breaking Quantum Computers

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          December 7, 2019

Many people who absolutely should be using email encryption, like VIPs, don't because they say the National Security Agency (NSA), and thus the CIA, FBI, etc., can break the encryption (decrypt) anyway so why bother; the encryption will just point out their email to the NSA as worth breaking. The slightly more knowledgeable of these people say that the NSA can break this encryption because they have encryption-breaking quantum computers. The IT incompetent NSA does nothing to dissuade them of this belief because it makes their job of reading people's emails much easier. And the IT incompetent media, universities, and tech companies can't hype quantum computers enough -- it sells ads and gets funding and investors, much like bogus artificial intelligence stories do. However, without any NSA-insider knowledge you could have been fairly sure the NSA doesn't have encryption-breaking quantum computers and now with the NSA-insider revelations of Edward Snowden you can be very sure the NSA doesn't have encryption-breaking quantum computers. So encrypt your email. Let Apscitu help you do it right so it is actually unbreakable.

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Announcing The Apscitu Mail Website

          September 1, 2019

Apscitu Mail, Apscitu Inc.'s new revolutionary ultra-secure custom email for VIPs, has its own website, separate from the Apscitu website. The Apscitu Mail website though, links back to the Apscitu website for many things, including Credentials, Legal, and Secure Contact; see their tabs and also the Apscitu tab, which goes to the Apscitu website home (Expert IT News).

Like Apscitu Expert IT News, Apscitu Mail Expert Email News has longer, more in-depth articles but also has more frequent but shorter "blurbs". Blurbs, like this, are what Twitter's tweets always should have been: short but as long as needed to say something important non-cryptically and not controlled by anyone but the author.

US Internet backbone, net neutrality participants

Net Neutrality: Who Controls the Communications of the Communications Controllers?

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          August 10, 2019

Answer: Proofpoint Inc. of Sunnyvale California, just minutes down the road from Google, Facebook, and Twitter. The question more specifically: Who controls the email of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)? Your question: What does this have to do with net neutrality? My answer: Read on.

The Internet in the United States has a backbone. It's fiber optic cables able to carry massive amounts of data, starting with voice, across the country (note: I'm a certified fiber optic technician). These fiber optic cables, or at least their copper predecessors, were laid by AT&T back when it was a government-authorized monopoly -- so could more easily get rights-of-way, the most valuable asset -- long before the Internet started in the early 1990s.

Sergey Brin (wearing Google Glasses) and Anne Wojcicki.

Biggest Turnoff: Gmail Spam Filter

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          June 27, 2019

I mentioned Google Mail's (Gmail's) spam filter in Whitelists, Blacklists, and the Great Spam Filter Scam, particularly how it reads your emails and censors them based on content and probably sender too. As discussed in Google: Invasion of the Email Snatchers, most have surrendered their email to Big Brother Google and think they have to do email however Google says, including using its spam filter. You can actually turn off the Gmail spam filter, although Google tries to hide and discourage this, and until you get Apscitu Mail, this turnoff is the biggest thing you can do to protect yourself.

When you get a Gmail account, the spam filter is on by default, with no option given to turn it off. Whenever Google deems an email you receive to be spam, including because its content is politically incorrect or because it was sent from a rival email service provider, it gets sent to the Gmail spam folder.

Santa's huge naughty list and small nice list; kidney with renal artery (red), renal vein (blue), and ureter (tan).

Whitelists, Blacklists, and the Great Spam Filter Scam

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          June 15, 2019

Spam is unwanted email and is often dangerous and offensive. Dangerous because it is a leading hacking method (e.g. phishing) and offensive because it often involves porn. Spam has become such a big problem that many people have drastically reduced or even stopped using email. This is an incredible waste since email is the best form of communication -- you can inexpensively and instantly send large amounts of text, documents, photos, audio, and video at any time and it can all be sent securely. Spam filtering is used to address the problem but the most common methods -- because they are the most profitable to the companies that produce them -- are frustratingly bad, often causing the loss of important wanted emails while still allowing dangerous and offensive spam. There is a simple, free, highly effective spam filtering method, whitelists, but spam filter producers and email service providers don't want you to use them because they are free and highly effective.

No-caps email address, =, all-caps email address, ?.

Do Capitals In Email Addresses Make Any Difference?

          May 29, 2019

Mostly you see email addresses that have no capital letters, but you may have seen email addresses that were all caps or mixed caps and small letters. You may have wondered whether you can use caps yourself when giving out your own email address, perhaps to emphasize some part of it or indicate the start of individual words in a multi-word address. In more technical terms, you wondered whether email addresses are "case-sensitive".

The answer is caps shouldn't make any difference, but given the plague of IT incompetence there may be some bad programming along the way that results in caps causing problems and emails not reaching their destinations.

Cliff Clavin, Kristin Seaver, Gregory Crabb, NOT Benjamin Franklin.

The U.S. Mail SHOULD Be Worried About Email Competition

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          May 28, 2019

Even though it is a U.S. government agency explicitly written into the Constitution, the U.S. Mail, a.k.a. the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), considers itself a business. In fact, online it is usps.com not usps.gov. In the U.S. Mail's most basic function, delivering letters, it is of course subject to competition from email. And it should be worried about this email competition, very worried.

Cliff Clavin was the bumbling postman on the very popular TV sitcom Cheers. In one episode Cliff was worried about email putting the U.S. Mail out of business and him out of a job. So he took pills for this worry, especially every time some evidence supporting it popped up. He ended up taking so many pills he developed gynecomastia ("man breasts").

Swedish, Goran Marby, ICANN, Loki, world serpent.

ICANN Do Whatever I Wants

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          May 25, 2019

What is ICANN and why should you care that ICANN do whatever I wants? ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Among other profitable Internet fiefdoms, they control the Domain Name System (DNS).

You've probably heard of DNS but don't know exactly what it is. Computers on the Internet have numerical (IP) addresses, like When you go with your browser to a website, which is on a webserver computer somewhere on the Internet, you have to tell your browser the webserver computer address. People have a hard time remembering numbers like that but are much better with names, like icann.org, which is a domain name. DNS is a system of computers on the Internet, queried by your browser, that translate domain names into IP address numbers, like icann.org into

NSA, Big Brother, Russia, Sergey Brin with Google Glasses, Gmail, body snatcher pod, Columbia.

Google: Invasion of the Email Snatchers

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          May 18, 2019

I have been at four American universities since I graduated from high school as valedictorian: MIT, the University of Arizona, Columbia University, and the University of Alaska.

Three of these four have surrendered their email systems to Google. That means that the university email accounts of faculty, staff, students, and alumni are owned by Google -- they are Google Mail (Gmail) accounts just like anyone can get, with the simple exception that the associated email address is not @Gmail.com but @SpecificUniversity.edu.

Facebook founder/programmer Mark Zuckerberg reading emails.

Facebook Reads Your And Government Officials'/Politicians' Email

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          October 11, 2018

Continuing my investigation of massive invasions of privacy by Facebook (see my previous three articles in Apscitu Expert IT News), I discovered that Facebook reads the emails of you and millions of other Facebook users, including government officials/politicians. This may be where many of the unexplained leaks in government and politics are coming from.

Recently, while I was easily creating another fake Facebook account, I quickly came to yet another scary Facebook demand: