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About Apscitu Mail

Apscitu Mail is Apscitu Inc.'s new revolutionary ultra-secure custom email for VIPs.

Email is the best form of communication -- you can inexpensively and instantly send large amounts of text, documents, photos, audio, and video at any time and it can all be sent securely. And VIPs need to have the best email service, Apscitu Mail.

The heart of Apscitu Mail, and what most makes it revolutionary, is individual email server computers, which includes the hardware, operating system, and email server software. You have the use of your own individual email server computer, instead of sharing one with thousands of other users, as is the case with all other email service providers. Also unlike other email service providers, Apscitu expertly keeps, sets up, and maintains your individual email server computer. By "expertly", I mean me, Duane Thresher, B.S., M.S., M.Phil., Ph.D., who does all the technical work.

The most important advantage of having your own individual email server computer is ultra-security. Instead of setting up the email server computer for the convenience of thousands of users, most with bad security habits that put everyone else at risk too, it is kept, set up, and maintained with your individual security being of utmost importance. Apscitu expertly does this, ultra-securely, in custom consultation with you for some things, like your whitelist (see Whitelists, Blacklists, and the Great Spam Filter Scam), which should include all of your sensitive information contacts, like banks, investments, clients, lawyers, doctors, relatives, utilities, Amazon, etc.

Apscitu sets up your individual email server computer so there is really nothing for hackers, the National Security Agency (NSA), or the courts to get, even if they could get into your computer (see Legal page). Unlike most email service providers, particularly Google, Apscitu Mail doesn't keep your email on your server forever, just long enough for you to upload it from (send) or download it to (receive) your personal computer, which you have physical possession of. And Apscitu Mail doesn't keep logs -- which the NSA is particularly fond of -- on your server of your sent and received emails, unlike most email service providers. To be absolutely certain there is absolutely nothing, Apscitu Mail also offers the option of deleting your entire email server computer on short notice.

Another important advantage of having your own individual email server computer is your sender reputation. Other email service providers allow spammers, in one form or another, and because of this their email server computers, and so the thousands of users on them, often get on blacklists, such that their sent emails are automatically put in spam folders or even rejected outright. See Whitelists, Blacklists, and the Great Spam Filter Scam.

Yet another important advantage of having your own individual email server computer is speed. Since you don't share it with thousands of other users, many sending huge attachments (cat videos, etc.), email approaches its ideal of being instantaneous. If your recipient or sender also has Apscitu Mail then email truly becomes instantaneous. In any case, the dramatic difference from your old email service provider will be obvious to you.

Along with your own individual email server computer, and also as part of Apscitu Mail's custom service and ultra-security, you choose your own email address (e.g. duane@duanethresher.net), both username (e.g. duane) and domain name (e.g. duanethresher.net). This is unlike other email service providers, like Google, where you are forced to use their domain name, like gmail.com, and your choice of username is limited since there are many other users with the same name (so usually you have to add an ugly large number to your username).

The ultra-security part of this is that your own domain name (yourfullname.net) is a lot harder to get -- Apscitu takes care of this for you -- than a gmail.com account. I know from experience that anyone can quickly and easily create a fake gmail.com account using a name other than their own for the username (and quickly and easily delete it too). With your own domain name, those sending emails to you and receiving emails from you can be far more assured that you are who you say you are. It's also far more impressive. It's not very professional to have a john.smith.1943862@gmail.com email address. Would you trust a professional (e.g. a lawyer) or businessman who had such an email address? It's the very definition of fly-by-night.

Apscitu also expertly sets up your email program, like Thunderbird, on your personal computer at your home or office. This program is known technically as an email "client" and downloads (receives) and uploads (sends) email from and to your own individual email server. This expert setup is critical because, for example, a misconfigured email client is how the NSA and hackers get around encryption (see ahead), which they probably can't break. Apscitu Mail does not use webmail (using a browser to receive and send emails) because this would add the extensive security vulnerabilities of web applications.

Security is about layers. No single layer of security is completely secure but the whole system becomes more secure as layers are added. Your own individual email server computer and your own email address go a long way to making your email ultra-secure but Apscitu Mail offers, as options, even more layers of security: The cost of Apscitu Mail will depend on the details of your setup (e.g. travel costs to set up your email client) and the options you need. Securely contact Apscitu as described in the Secure Contact tab to discuss what you need and get a quote.

Before getting a quote though consider this. The best cost comparison to Apscitu Mail for speed and security is overnight document delivery with verified identity signature. (Lawyers take note.) USPS overnight is about $25 and USPS verified identity signature about $6. That's just for one document (or a day's worth) to one recipient. In the unlikely event you only did one per day that would be over $900 per month, which is much more than Apscitu Mail costs, for a lot fewer documents and recipients and requiring a lot more time and effort.

Contrary to popular belief, use of private email accounts by government employees is not illegal. All a government employee has to do is make sure that all government-related emails are made available to the government; for example, by simply forwarding them to the employee's government email account (which ironically nowadays may be a Google or Microsoft email account).